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A Radical Scientific Overview of Sound Therapy and Music Medicine

Broadcast on August 06, 2020
With John Stuart Reid

The official FDA view and classification of sound therapy devices as "not supporting health" means that audible sound therapy is currently not available in mainstream medicine. John Stuart Reid talks about radical scientific information on sound therapy and music medicine which carries the potential for sound healing to enter mainstream medical settings — thus permitting hospital patients of the future to be treated by sound and music therapy as an adjunct to drug therapy.

In This Session:

  • How sound frequencies can help relieve pain and awaken sleeping cells in order to return our body to balance
  • How music medicine boosts our immune system and banishes depression, allowing a shift from Fear into Joy
  • How low sound frequencies stimulate red blood cells and support healing
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John Stuart Reid

Technical Director of

Acoustics pioneer John Stuart Reid's mission is to educate, inspire, and excite the world in the field of visible sound — known to science as “Faraday Waves.” This quickly-growing field is also referred to as “cymatics.” Reid points out that since sound underpins almost all matter in the universe and was a potent force in the creation of life in the primordial oceans, it also carries the power to heal life.

In his frequent lectures, he reveals ground-breaking information on the mechanisms that underpin sound therapy, and how it can be applied to improve health naturally. Reid's career in acoustics has spanned five decades; he is widely acknowledged as an authority in cymatics and speaks on this subject at conferences in Europe and America.

His invention of the CymaScope has impacted the field of sound medicine forever. In Reid’s words, “to see the sounds that create light and life is to open a new window on our world — one that has been veiled for all time.” Now, the old adage “seeing is believing” takes on an important new meaning: seeing sound allows us to understand this omnipresent aspect of our world and universe, better, fuller, deeper. 

John Stuart Reid