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Your Healing Voice: Singing for Vitality and Connection

Broadcast on August 09, 2021
Hosted by Alec Sims
With The Brothers Koren

Experience the power and connection that is waiting to be felt in your Whole Body Instrument. Discover how to use your voice as a tool for promoting mental, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing. The Brothers Koren will show you first-hand how your voice can be medicine for you. No prior singing or musical experience needed for this session. All voices welcome!

In This Session:

  • Learn how to identify the self-critical "small voices" within and transmute them into new sources of inspiration and empowerment
  • Discover that you are a Whole Body Instrument that's both receptive and expressive
  • Experience your sonic anatomy as a guide to diagnosing and shifting your sonic health using your own voice
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The Brothers Koren

Transformational Voice Leaders, & Co-Creators of Your Big Voice

Isaac and Thorald Koren (the Brothers Koren) are on a mission to hear the world’s song, one Big Voice at a time. With over 20 years of experience recording, teaching, and empowering others through transformational leadership and touring the world as The Kin and the Brothers Koren, their work continues to grow and expand the space for creative expression, leading people toward a more embodied life experience.

Over the course of their musical careers, as The Kin and the Brothers Koren, they have performed live on Conan, earned a gold record, and performed for over a million people while touring with Coldplay, Pink, Rod Stewart, and Bon Jovi. Today, their mission has shifted to one that seeks to include many voices, as they listen and study the transformative effect of voice and music on human wellbeing. The brothers live in service to a bold vision: “Our wish is for each and every person to be radically expressed; a world where all genders, races, ethnicities, and human lives are fully connected to their voices, their stories, and their authentic selves.”

Through the development of The Songwriter’s Journey and their Your Big Voice programs, the Brothers Koren are helping thousands reclaim their voices, and the stories and songs that have lain dormant — unearthing big voices from all walks of life and from all around the world. The brothers have worked with Fortune 500 companies, presented at TEDx, are faculty at the Exponential Medicine conference, and are musical directors for the Association of Transformational Leaders™ (SoCal).

The Brothers Koren