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Integral Sound Healing - From Polyvagal Theory to Practice

Broadcast on August 11, 2021
Hosted by Phyllis Anne Douglass
With Tony Nec

Tony Nec explores how to apply the principles of Polyvagal Theory in Integral Sound Healing to correct imbalances in the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The autonomic nervous system is our body's primary control center. It controls and regulates all vital functions, including heart rate, blood pressure, and respiratory rate. Many diseases, including chronic physical and mental health, are diseases of the ANS. Polyvagal Theory is a recent view of the ANS developed by Dr Stephen Porges.

In This Session:

  • The basic science of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and Polyvagal Theory
  • How sound affects the functioning of the ANS
  • Practical sound healing tips and techniques to improve the functioning of your vagus nerve
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Tony Nec

Principal, Sound Healing Academy

In the 1970s, when just a teenager, Tony Nec was blessed to experience first-hand the beautiful, uplifting sounds of Gregorian chanting by Catholic monks in an Abbey church built to enhance their vocal harmonics . A few years later, as a university student, Tony learned to enter into states of altered consciousness by meditating and chanting mantras with Tibetan Buddhist monks. Often, in the still moments after the chanting ended, he experienced the nature of his being as a subtle vibrational field with no boundary between himself and the world around him. He finds this sense of oneness  difficult to describe, though when it happened, Tony felt peaceful, calm, and gently blissful.

Tony explored the spiritual, healing, and musical traditions of India, Tibet, China and Japan. After getting his diploma in Shiatsu and Oriental Medicine in 1991, he opened his first health clinic in Aarhus, Denmark. Since then he's continued to explore the science and art of vibrational, energetic, informational, psychological and spiritual healing in an integral embrace of mind, body, emotion, soul and spirit. Tony also trained to be a professional practitioner and teacher of sound healing and took over as Principal of the Sound Healing Academy in 2010.

Tony Nec