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Exploring the Phenomenal Healing Tool That is the Human Voice

Broadcast on June 27, 2022
With Dr. Gwendolyn Maude McClure
Hosted by Phyllis Anne Douglass

Dr. Gwendolyn Maude McClure says there is a multiplicity to the human psyche. The voice's freedom or restriction can be connected to internalized experiences and our emotional responses. How do we develop such a profoundly intimate relationship to our voice that we choose deep healing, and we set our voice free to both clear out what is un-needed, and to reveal our gifts and blessings to the world?

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • Experiential exercises that take you on a journey of intimacy with breath, voice, resistance & transformation
  • Shadow Dance, a healing process of deep-diving into dialogue with repressed aspects in service of listening & awakening 
  • Since your voice is vulnerable, it's imperative to embrace your voice's sensitivity in order to heal, express, and protect yourself
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Dr. Gwendolyn Maude McClure

Vocal Sound Healer

For over 30 years Dr. Gwendolyn Maude McClure has worked as a vision-based vocal sound healer and a licensed massage therapist. She's a former psychotherapist who has her PhD in clinical psychology, and she wrote the only doctoral dissertation worldwide on the topic of vocal sound healing A Cross-Cultural Interdisciplinary Study of the Healing Power of Singing & Vocal Sounding.”  This theoretical written work is an exploration of music therapy, jungian psychology, and indigenous vocal sound healing practices.

Gwendolyn leads vocal sound healing classes, retreats, vision quests & sacred sites tours globally. She offers private sessions in person and also online. She's presented at Truth Seekers water festivals & Globe Sound healing conferences, and is a premier member of Sound Healers Association. She also worked as an Expressive Arts college instructor from 2000-2018.

Gwendolyn is committed to facilitating everyone’s remembrance of their magnificence, by skillfully guiding—in co-creation with the Divine & Mother Earth — the release of old patterns and toxic energies standing in the way of this remembrance.

Born and raised in NY by singing parents and three older singing sisters, trained in NY by a Julliard Graduate voice teacher for six years, she's a lover of lilac bushes, wind, bald eagle, bear, rivers, all flowers, dogs, swimming, singing, dancing, and grounding on the earth.

Dr. Gwendolyn Maude McClure