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Vibrate in Tune With Your Inner Being

Broadcast on July 12, 2023
With Jaime Tanna, M.Sc
Hosted by Alec Sims

With Jaime Tanna, you'll explore how to consciously sync with your inner being. Wake up to pure positive awareness, cultivate dynamic energy, and stay in tune all the way through your day. Learn to shift your frequency and adapt quickly, even when you hit curve balls and things seemingly start to spiral downward.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • How to wake up and start your day with joy using somatic movement, yoga chi, and sound
  • A sound journey into being featuring the AsaChan handpan
  • How to activate your healing potential through your voice and higher self-connection guided by a Yidaki didgeridoo sound experience
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Jaime Tanna, M.Sc

Founder of Energy Therapy & Total Frequency Shift, Medical Health Intuitive

Jaime Tanna is the founder of Energy Therapy & Total Frequency Shift, with nearly 20 years of experience teaching thousands of clients and students both online and in person. As a medical/health intuitive, reiki master, yogi, master dowser and sound healer, his work blends deep intuitive wisdom with practical guidance. The scope of Jaime's training and expertise includes energy psychology, remote healing, energy medicine, dowsing and sound healing, and the science of yoga. Jaime is a master sound healer, engaging his audiences with the enchanting and heart-opening sounds of the Hang, and the deep pulsating drones and harmonics of the Yidaki didgeridoo. He also brings in the higher frequencies of light through shamanic drumming, vocal toning, and chanting. When not seeing clients or teaching, Jaime loves traveling, practicing various types of yoga, and surfing in the ocean.

Jaime Tanna, M.Sc